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This is a provisional TOC list for planning the Russian Language Wikibook. For now, the actual content will be put in pages Russian/Grammar, Russian/Dialogs, Russian/Vocabulary, and Russian/Exercises. Later, they will be separated into lessons and sections, based on the list here.

  • Alphabet
  • Что/Кто это? Чей это? Какой?
  • Masculine/feminine and plural nouns/adjectives
  • introducing yourself
  • verbs: любить and others taking the accusative case
    • feminine accusative ending for nouns and adjectives
    • masculine accusative ending for non-animate
  • pronouns/personal pronouns
  • Prepositional Case
    • verb Жить and others taking prepositional case
    • В vs На
    • prepositional endings for nouns and adjectives
    • exceptions to prepositional endings: углу, шкафу
    • personal pronouns in prepositional case
  • dialog and vocabulary- setting the table
  • Verbs of Motion
    • multi-directional vs uni-directional
    • on foot vs via conveyance
    • verbs of motion take the accusative case
  • Verbs of Placement
    • verbs of placement vs verbs of motion
    • conjugation
  • Genitive Case
    • masculine and feminine singular endings
    • masculine animate accusative=genitive sing.
    • verbs that take Genitive case
    • У меня есть