Rueda de Casino/Enchufa Doble Sácala Doble

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Enchufa Doble Sácala Doble

[edit source]
  • Pronunciation: en-chOO-fa dOH-blay sAH-cah-lah dOH-blay
  • English: Connect her twice, take her out twice
  • Related commands: Enchufa Doble

Summary: Enchufa Doble, then the leader changes hands, and makes the follower do a right turn in the centre, twice.


Enchufa Doble, then the leader changes hands so that he has right-to-right, faces the centre, then pushed the follower out of the circle, so that she steps back on her right, facing the centre, and then she comes into the centre, turns to her right and goes back out. She repeats this turn, then Dile Que No.

The leader needs to be firm with this, push her straight back out of the circle, otherwise she may turn. Also, some followers will be unfamiliar with the right turn (it's actually the same footwork as Setenta for the followers, except with less turn), so you may need to use your left hand to 'guide' her back out of the circle.