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There is a wide variety of documentation sources for Rails, including books, websites, weblogs and much more.

Plugins[edit | edit source]

Github offers loads of plug-ins. Rails itself is also hosted there. Be sure to take a good look at them when searching for a specific plug-in or gem.
Take at look at this list with pretty popular Rails plug-ins when searching for more common tasks

A large portion of the power of Rails comes from the wide range of plugins which are available for download.

Websites[edit | edit source]

The official wiki for Rails, not yet complete, but it gets better all the time
The official Rails site with everything you need to get started: guides, wikis and the very well documented API
Very popular site with advanced and many in-sight video casts. Be sure to check this site out. It offers great content and well presented videos!
If you have problems wrapping your mind around some of the Ruby commands and have experience in PHP, this site will feel like heaven. Most of the most often used PHP functions are listed there with the proper Ruby/Ruby on Rails equivalent

Books[edit | edit source]

  • Agile Web Development with Ruby on Rails

Development Tools[edit | edit source]

Are you jealous of the great editor used on Railscasts? Not working an a Mac? This is the program for you: features the same functionality, look&feel and provides excellent Rails support. [Commercial - Windows]
comes with nice but complex Rails support, all Rake tasks are integrated into this IDE and you can easily switch between matching [Open Source and Commercial - All platforms]
Highly featured editor with rather new Rails support [Commercial - All plattforms]
offers Rails support out of the box. Support for many other languages and many plug-ins [Free - All Platforms]
If you want to work with eclipse, get RadRails. Note that the last update was submitted 2006. If you need an eclipse-like environment, try Aptana. It is built upon the eclipse platform.

Weblogs[edit | edit source]

Weblogs are one of the best ways to find out what you can do with rails - and if you know what you're looking for google can help you find them. That said, there are quite a few that are worth reading regularly.

Insights into the framework from a core team member. Covers features that are new in edge.
Centers on the web design aspects of rails.

Mailing List[edit | edit source]

The Ruby on Rails Talk mailing list is a good place to ask questions: RubyOnRails-Talk Mailing List

Freenode ROR Channel[edit | edit source]

The Freenode IRC channel for Ruby on Rails is a good place to talk Rails with other developers. Please try to keep the signal-to-noise ratio at a minimum though: RubyOnRails IRC Channel