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Object is the base class of all other classes created in Ruby. It provides the basic set of functions available to all classes, and each function can be explicitly overridden by the user.

This class provides a number of useful methods for all of the classes in Ruby.

Object inherits from BasicObject which allows creating alternate object hierarchies. Methods on object are available to all classes unless explicitly overridden.

In Ruby, everything is an Object including classes and modules. Object and BasicObject are the most low-level class.

Constants[edit | edit source]

ARGF[edit | edit source]

ARGF is a stream designed for use in scripts that process files given as command-line arguments or passed in via STDIN.

ARGV[edit | edit source]

ARGV contains the command line arguments used to run ruby with the first value containing the name of the executable.

DATA[edit | edit source]

DATA is a File that contains the data section of the executed file. To create a data section use __END__:

ENV[edit | edit source]

ENV is a Hash-like accessor for environment variables.

STDERR[edit | edit source]

Holds the original stderr

STDIN[edit | edit source]

Holds the original stdin

STDOUT[edit | edit source]

Holds the original stdout