Royal Canadian Army Cadets Guide/Green Star

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When you enter the Cadets, you automatically are a green star. At this point your rank will also be a cadet (This will be talked about later).

Attention: When called to stand on attention you put your left foot up and push down right next to your right foot just make sure to make a V with your feet.

PO 402 - Fundamental Training[edit | edit source]

PO 403 - Bushcraft[edit | edit source]

PO 405 - Map & Compass[edit | edit source]

PO 406 - Marksmanship[edit | edit source]

PO 410 - Public Speaking[edit | edit source]

PO 411 - Leadership[edit | edit source]

PO 412 - Citizenship[edit | edit source]

PO 413 - Physical Fitness[edit | edit source]