Royal Canadian Air Cadets Guide/Flying Programs

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Flying Programs[edit | edit source]

Through Air Cadets, 22,000 junior air cadets get to participate in familiarization gliding each year during the spring and fall. In summer, 320 senior cadets earn their Transport Canada Glider Pilot License through the Air Cadet Gliding Scholarship. An average of 55 000 glider flights are done every year. In Canada, the majority of glider pilots licenses are earned by Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Cadets must be 16 to write the certifying Transport Canada exam.

Each year, 250 air cadets earn their Transport Canada Private Pilot License through the Air Cadet Flying Scholarship program. Cadets aged 17 and 18 years old who have proven themselves to be high achievers in the cadet program and who have a particular interest and aptitude in the field of aviation have the opportunity to learn how to fly.