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Rope Making for Bondage Use

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As the name says, this is a wikibook about rope making for bondage use. Every aspect is welcome and even if shibari-practitioners are more likely to make their own rope, practitioners of western rope bondage should feel welcome as well.

Chapters[edit | edit source]

  1. What is the rope you want?
  2. Materials
  3. Twisting
  4. Stopper Knots
  5. Conditioning
  6. Questions?
  7. Resources

Contributing[edit | edit source]

Are you missing something about rope making here? One good thing about wiki-books is that there is much space in them, so if you think a chapter about rope making machines would be a good thing: make one! You prefer different rope-endings? Describe them! And if you want to know something or want to encourage someone else to write about a particular aspect, you can leave that in the Questions-Chapter!

It is a practical topic and you may contribute based on your own experience, but if there is something to quote: quote! (FetLife is not an acceptable source: there are copyright issues and an account is required for reading.) There also could be a much more comprehensive Resources-Section.