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Here are a few examples of contests with robots:
(Here's a list of different contests)

Fire fighter[edit]

In a fire fighter contest the robot has to find the flame of a candle and extinguish it.

See this site for an example.

Maze or obstacle course navigator[edit]


Find the way through the maze as fast as possible.

For example: see this site.

For a video examples:

Obstacle Course[edit]

There are many different obstacle course to build for a robot contest. The Melexis Safety Trophy has tin cans with small candles inside and concrete bricks as obstacles and tennis balls (which the robot had to touch) for extra points. Another contest uses traffic signs with arrows to direct the way.

See this site for an example.

Soccer robot[edit]

Robots playing soccer. The goal of this type of contest is to build a team of robots that can work together.

See this site for an example.

Sumo Robot[edit]

In this type of contest 2 robots are placed on a playground within a large circle. The goal is to push the other robot out of this circle.

See here for an example.

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