Roblox Studio Tutorials/Effects

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Campfire[edit | edit source]

You can make a cool campfire using effects! First, build the campfire with surroundings and a base and some logs. Then, add a fire effect by going to models>effects>fire. You will see a fire coming out from the base. The fire might be too small, but we can make it bigger by going to the properties of the fire. You can change the size of the fire by changing the size property. You can also change the brightness, and the color, also the range to make a cool campfire!

Fountain[edit | edit source]

This one is a little bit harder than campfire. But it is really cool. First, add a ring of water, then, add surrounding and a middle. Add a part that would spray water into the air in the middle. Insert a ParticleEmitter inside the sprayer. You will see that the sprayer starts to "spray" out sparkles. But sparkles look nothing like water. We need water. Copy this smoke:

copy this website.

Add the new smoke file to replace the sparkles file. You should see smoke coming out of the sprayer. That still doesn't look like water though, we need to change the properties. Change Color>Start to light teal, then change LightEmission to 0.5, click on size and click ... and drag the right endpoint to the bottom. Do the same thing to transparency. But this time, drag the left endpoint to about in the middle. Now they look good but they don't fall. To make the particles fall, we need to change acceleration to 0,-10,0. Now for the finishing touches. Change RotSpeed to -90,90, change speed to 15, velocity spread to 5, rate to 200 and LifeTime to 4.