Roblox Studio Tutorials/Beginning to build

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Every Roblox PC or Mac player already has Roblox Studio downloaded. So just open Roblox Studio, then click install. Once that is done, log in to your Roblox account. You should now be on the templates page. We are going to start an obby now. Click on baseplate, a new place should be opened. Select "Baseplate" then use CTRL+X to delete it. Click on part and a new block should spawn in the middle of your screen. Click on scale and make the block look like a floor. Insert three new blocks and scale them like walls that fits the floor. Use the move tool to move your walls in the right spot. Select your floor and click on duplicate. Use the move tool and move it on top of the walls. Now we just need a spawn so the players will spawn in your lobby. Go to models and click on spawn. move the spawn in your lobby. The lobby for your obby is now finished(VIP doors are in future tutorials). Click next again and your game should be saved.