Roblox Studio Tutorials/Basic hinges and jump boost

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This will be our final obby tutorial, we are going to move on to lighting and effects next. One basic hinge is a seesaw.

To build it, first we need to make two supporters for the seesaw. Make sure that the supporters have anchored true and CanCollide false so that the player don't just pass the level by jumping on the supporter. Now, make the part that the player have to balance on so they're not dumped into empty space. Make sure that the balancing part is NOT anchored. Go to models and select surface select hinge inside surface. Put hinges on the supporters and name them Hinge0 or something(If I'm wrong then I will say the correct name in discussion). And put hinges on the opposite sides of the seesaw and rename them Hinge1. Test your game and the seesaw should not fall into empty space(If it did I apologize for that and I will say the correct way in discussion). You can also make doors with this strategy too.

The other kind of hinge we are going to talk about is spinning blocks. (I think it is like this, if not, same thing, discussion)First, you make one supporter for the spinning block. Put the block that is going to spin on top of the supporter. Connect them using hinges again and change the hinge type to motor. Test your game and the block should spin! You can also use spinning lava too. Now it is time for jump boost. First, insert a new part, go to properties, expand velocity, change y velocity to something no bigger than 200. Test your game and your character should be able to jump very high!