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This section of this book presumes familiarity with the technologies laid out in the Overview.

Necessary Skills and Knowledge[edit]

In general, researchers wishing to build RIAs for their research should be enthusiastic amateurs. Among the most important skills required in order to understand, use, and modify the following sample applications are...

  • familiarity with the Flash MX 2004 authoring environment and with the ActionScript programming language
  • access to and familiarity with a Flash Communication Server (FlashComm), including the documentation included with a FlashComm installation (see Resources, below)
  • access to and familiarity with a web hosting service that includes PHP and MySQL; a hosting service that includes the PhpMyAdmin web interface for MySQL management is optimal
  • intermediate knowledge of PHP scripting (view Wikibook), including MySQL-related functions (view Wikibook)
  • intermediate knowledge of general database design
  • experience using a file-transfer protocol (FTP) program


Flash MX 2004[edit]

A trial version of Flash MX 2004, including tutorial and documentation, may be downloaded from

Flash Communication Server[edit]

The FlashComm Documentation page ( includes the following essential documents (HTML and Adobe Acrobat format):

  • Developing Communication Applications
  • Client-Side Communication ActionScript Dictionary
  • Server-Side Communication ActionScript Dictionary


There is a PHP Wikibook. In addition, the main page for PHP development and related links, such as tutorials, is


The PHP Wikibook covers PHP-MySQL interaction. The main page for the MySQL corporation is; the main page for developers is, and the main page for phpMyAdmin is