Rhetoric and Composition/Disruptive comma

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Disruptive commas are simply those that aren't needed -- those that "disrupt" the flow of the sentence. Here are some guidelines about places where you don't need to use commas.

Don't put a comma between a noun and the action it's doing, even when several words come between them.
Most organic compounds , contain oxygen, nitrogen, and halogens.
In the Islamic bayaa ceremony, prominent citizens , pledge allegiance to a newly elected leader.
A visit to The City Museum's exhibit on the origins of photography , provided an inspiring start to the class.
Don't put a comma before these words unless there is an independent clause on each side
and, or, but, for, so, nor, yet.
The town was first settled in 1865 , and incorporated in 1868.
The study sample was the correct size , but insufficiently diversified.
The Australian conductor Richard Bonynge was born in Sydney , and returned there after studying in London.
Don't put a comma before a list.
The neighborhood contains several examples of classic mid-century architecture, including , the Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Kennedy homes.
The recommended treatment focuses on changes in diet, such as , increased fiber, less fat, and fewer processed foods.
The group of benefits considered standard is made up of , health insurance, disability insurance, and a retirement account.