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To Adobe inDesgin[edit | edit source]

1 - Add a “Text Area” to your new document

How to paste Arabic-01.png

2 - In the main menu, choose “Type”, scroll down to “Fill with placeholder text” at the same time, press CMD on Mac or CTRL on PC

How to paste Arabic-02.png

3- In the dropdown menu, select Arabic

How to paste Arabic-03.png

4- Replace the placeholder arabic text with the text you copied from the wikibook

How to paste Arabic-04.png

Important notes:

  • You need to copy/paste each column / language separately.
  • If you want to copy/paste the whole columns, you have to download the google sheet, open it into Excel, save it as an xls file and paste it into inDesigh
  • You need to replace punctuation and line separations with a space or a dot “.”
  • For Urdu and Persian, please download ArabicGenie (Download Mac version here)