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USER-PREFS is an object of value:

   name            string!   "MaxV"
   pass            none!     none
   express         none!     none
   server          string!   "none"
   script          string!   "none"
   proxy-user      none!     none
   proxy-pass      none!     none
   root            none!     none
   poll-time       none!     none
   connect-wait    none!     none
   log             logic!    false
   debug           logic!    false
   window-size     pair!     645x554
   window-offset   pair!     603x243
   icon-offset     none!     none
   keymap          none!     none
   auto-connect    logic!    true
   always-close    logic!    true
   desktop         logic!    true
   skin            none!     none
   desktop-url     url!