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USAGE:[edit | edit source]

TAKE value /part length /last 

DESCRIPTION:[edit | edit source]

Copies and removes from series. (Modifies)

TAKE is a function value.

ARGUMENTS[edit | edit source]

  • value -- (Type: series port none)

REFINEMENTS[edit | edit source]

  • /part -- Limits to a given length or position
    • length -- (Type: number series port pair)
  • /last -- Take it from the tail end

(SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES)[edit | edit source]

  • catch

SOURCE CODE[edit | edit source]

take: func [
    "Copies and removes from series. (Modifies)" 
    value [series! port! none!] 
    /part "Limits to a given length or position" 
    length [number! series! port! pair!] 
    /last "Take it from the tail end"
    if value [
        either part [
            case [
                pair? length [
                    unless image? value [
                        throw-error 'script 'invalid-part length
                    last: none
                any [series? length port? length] [
                    either same? head value head length [
                        length: subtract index? length index? value
                    ] [
                        throw-error 'script 'invalid-part reduce [length]
            if last [
                length: negate length 
                value: tail value
            also copy/part value length remove/part value length
        ] [
            also pick either last [
                value: back tail value
            ] [value] 1 remove value