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USAGE:[edit | edit source]

RESOLVE target source /only from /all 

Example:[edit | edit source]

>> reword "$1 is $2." [1 "This" 2 "that"]
== "This is that."

DESCRIPTION:[edit | edit source]

Copy context by setting values in the target from those in the source.

RESOLVE is a function value.

ARGUMENTS[edit | edit source]

  • target -- (Type: object port)
  • source -- (Type: object port)

REFINEMENTS[edit | edit source]

  • /escape -- Choose your own escape char (no escape for block templates)
  • char -- Use this escape char (default $) (Type: char any-string)
  • /into -- Insert into a buffer instead (returns position after insert)
  • output -- The buffer series (modified) (Type: any-string)

SOURCE CODE[edit | edit source]

reword: make function! [[
    {Substitutes values into a template string, returning a new string.}
    source [any-string!] "Template series (or string with escape sequences)"
    values [map! object! block!] {Pairs of values and replacements (will be call ed if functions)}
    /escape {Choose your own escape char (no escape for block templates)}
    char [char! any-string!] "Use this escape char (default $)"
    /into {Insert into a buffer instead (returns position after insert)}
    output [any-string!] "The buffer series (modified)"
    /local vals word a b c d
] [
    output: any [output make source length? source]
    vals: make map! length? values
    foreach [w v] values [
        unless string? :w [w: to string! :w]
        unless empty? w [poke vals w unless unset? :v [:v]]
    word: make block! 2 * length? vals
    foreach w vals [word: reduce/into [w '|] word]
    word: head remove back word
    escape: [c: word d: (
            output: insert insert/part output a b vals/(copy/part c d) :b
        ) a:]
    char: to string! any [char "$"]
    either empty? char [
        parse/all source [
            a: any [b: [escape | skip]]
            to end (output: insert output a)
    ] [
        parse/all source [
            a: any [to char b: char [escape | none]]
            to end (output: insert output a)
    either into [output] [head output]