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USAGE:[edit | edit source]

IMPORT-EMAIL data /multiple parent 

DESCRIPTION:[edit | edit source]

Constructs an email object from an email message.

IMPORT-EMAIL is a function value.

ARGUMENTS:[edit | edit source]

  • data -- The email message (Type: string)

REFINEMENTS:[edit | edit source]

  • /multiple -- Collect multiple fields in header
    • parent -- (Type: object)

SOURCE CODE[edit | edit source]

import-email: func [
    "Constructs an email object from an email message." 
    data [string!] "The email message" 
    /multiple "Collect multiple fields in header" parent [object!] 
    /local content frm
    data: parse-header either multiple [parent] [system/standard/email] content: data 
    frm: func [val /local res] [
        either block? val [
            either empty? val [
                copy ""
            ] [
                res: copy first val 
                foreach addlst next val [
                    insert insert tail res ", " addlst
        ] [
    data/date: parse-header-date either block? data/date [first data/date] [data/date] 
    data/from: parse-email-addrs frm data/from 
    data/to: parse-email-addrs frm data/to 
    all [multiple data/cc: parse-email-addrs frm data/cc] 
    all [multiple data/bcc: parse-email-addrs frm data/bcc] 
    data/reply-to: parse-email-addrs frm data/reply-to 
    data/content: any [data/content tail content]