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USAGE:[edit | edit source]


DESCRIPTION:[edit | edit source]


GET-NET-INFO is a function value.

SOURCE CODE[edit | edit source]

get-net-info: func [/local 
    extract ns-prefs-file eudora-prefs-file acct mailpath data tmp 
    ns-user cur-user
    def-mailer: get-reg/hkcr "mailto\shell\open\command" "" 
    if none? def-mailer [def-mailer: ""] 
    extract: func [src what delim /mark /mark2 /line] [
        if not all [
            mark: find/tail/case src what 
            line: find/tail mark newline 
            mark2: find/case mark: copy/part mark line delim
        ] [return none] 
        copy/part mark mark2
    ns-prefs-file: eudora-prefs-file: none 
    foreach [f file items] [
        scan-netscape-prefs ns-prefs-file [
            user-name [{mail.identity.username", "} {"}] 
            email [{mail.identity.useremail", "} {"}] 
            pop-host [{network.hosts.pop_server", "} {"}] 
            mail-host [{network.hosts.smtp_server", "} {"}] 
            socks-host [{network.hosts.socks_server", "} {"}] 
            socks-id [{network.hosts.socks_serverport", } ")"] 
            genrc-id [{network.proxy.http_port", } ")"] 
            genrc-host [{network.proxy.http", "} {"}] 
            proxy-type [{network.proxy.type", } ")"]
        scan-eudora-prefs eudora-prefs-file [
            user-name ["RealName=" "^/"] 
            email ["ReturnAddress=" "^/"] 
            pop-host ["PopServer=" "^/"] 
            mail-host ["SMTPServer=" "^/"]
    ] [
        set f func [which /local mail-host proxy-host user-name what data] 
        compose/deep [
            if none? (file) [return none] 
            data: any [data attempt [read (file)]] 
            if not data [return none] 
            either all [what: select [(items)] which 
                what: extract data what/1 what/2 
                any [not any-string? what not empty? what]
            ] [what] [none]
    temp: false 
    foreach [mailer path-key] 
        "express" [
            "Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager" "Default Mail Account" 
            "Microsoft\Internet Account Manager" "Default Mail Account"
        "outlook" [
            {Software\Microsoft\Office\8.0\Outlook\OMI Account Manager} "Default Mail Account" 
            {Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\OMI Account Manager} "Default Mail Account"
    ] [
        if find def-mailer mailer [
            foreach [path key] path-key [
                if all [acct: get-reg mailpath: path key] [temp: true break]
            if temp [break]
    if temp [
        acct: join mailpath ["\Accounts\" acct] 
        smtp: get-reg acct "SMTP Server" 
        pop3: get-reg acct "POP3 Server" 
        email: get-reg acct "SMTP Email Address"
    data: none 
    if all [find def-mailer "eudora" 
        tmp: get-reg "Software\Qualcomm\Eudora\CommandLine" "Current" 
        tmp: last parse tmp none 
        eudora-prefs-file: to-file head insert head remove next (replace/all tmp backslash slash) slash
    ] [
        email: scan-eudora-prefs 'email 
        smtp: scan-eudora-prefs 'mail-host 
        pop3: scan-eudora-prefs 'pop-host
    data: none 
    all [
        any [find def-browser "netscape" find def-mailer "netscape"] 
        exists-reg? ns-user: "Software\Netscape\Netscape Navigator\biff" 
        cur-user: get-reg ns-user "CurrentUser" 
        ns-prefs-file: join %/c/Program%20Files/Netscape/Users/ [cur-user "/prefs.js"]
    all [find def-browser "netscape" 
        do [temp: scan-netscape-prefs 'proxy-type true] 
        if not all [temp = "1" proxy: scan-netscape-prefs 'socks-host proxy-port: any [scan-netscape-prefs 'socks-id 1080] proxy-type: 'socks] 
        [all [temp = "1" proxy: scan-netscape-prefs 'genrc-host proxy-port: scan-netscape-prefs 'genrc-id proxy-type: 'generic]]
    if find def-mailer "netscape" [
        pop3: scan-netscape-prefs 'pop-host 
        smtp: scan-netscape-prefs 'mail-host 
        email: scan-netscape-prefs 'email
    if all [
        find def-browser "iexplore" 
        exists-reg? acct: {Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings}
    ] [
        if all [tmp: get-reg acct "ProxyEnable" not empty? tmp 0 <> first tmp] [
            proxy: get-reg acct "ProxyServer" 
            if all [proxy not empty? proxy proxy: parse proxy ":=;"] [
                either any [tmp: find proxy "socks" tmp: find proxy "http"] [
                    proxy-type: pick [socks generic] "socks" = tmp/1 
                    proxy-port: to-integer tmp/3 
                    proxy: tmp/2
                ] [
                    proxy-type: 'generic 
                    proxy-port: to-integer proxy/2 
                    proxy: proxy/1
    if system/product = 'viewdll [email:] 
    unset [scan-netscape-prefs scan-eudora-prefs] 
    set-net reduce [email smtp pop3 proxy proxy-port proxy-type]