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CTX-TEXT is an object of value:

   view*           object!   [self screen-face focal-face caret highlight-start highlight-end title-size resize-border no-resize-border line-info VID event-port debug pop-face pop-list wake-event window-feel popface-feel popface-feel-nobtn popface-feel-away popface-feel-away-nobtn popface-feel-win popface-feel-win-nobtn popface-feel-win-away popface-feel-win-away-nobtn]
   hilight-text    function! [face begin end]
   hilight-all     function! [face]
   unlight-text    function! []
   hilight?        function! []
   hilight-range?  function! [/local start end]
   copy-selected-text function! [face /local start end]
   copy-text       function! [face]
   delete-selected-text function! [/local face start end]
   next-word       function! [str /local s ns]
   back-word       function! [str /local s ns]
   end-of-line     function! [str /local nstr]
   beg-of-line     function! [str /local nstr]
   next-field      function! [face /local item]
   back-field      function! [face /local item]
   keys-to-insert  bitset!   make bitset! #{ 01000000FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFF...
   keymap          block!    length: 18
   insert-char     function! [face char]
   move            function! [event ctrl plain]
   move-y          function! [face delta /local pos tmp tmp2]
   edit-text       function! [ face event action /local key liney swap-text tmp...
   edit            object!   [redraw detect over engage]
   swipe           object!   [redraw detect over engage]