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Installing Rebol[edit | edit source]

Rebol/Core does not come with an installer. It's a simple executable file which starts the console when you execute it. When it's started, you can start writing and running Rebol scripts.

Windows[edit | edit source]

Rebol/View for Windows comes with an installer which allows you to optionally install Rebol/View. If you choose to install Rebol/View, it adds registry entries that allows you to run Rebol scripts directly by doubleclicking them in File Explorer or another file manager.

If you choose not to install Rebol/View, you can run scripts through the Viewtop or the console, you can even add the registry entries manually, if you prefer.

Linux[edit | edit source]

Rebol/View for Linux does not have an official installer like on Windows. There are installers made by fans that you can use at this site, remember to reboot your PC in order to initialize new fonts.

Official Rebol comes in a compressed archive, which can be opened using "tar" at a command line or using a graphical program like Xarchiver or File-Roller. Once extracted, Rebol/View can be run from the console just like Rebol/Core.

Rebol for Linux has some library dependencies, which can be determined by doing an "ldd rebol" in the console. For Rebol/Core, these are typically the C library, the math library, and the linker. On 64-bit systems a 32-bit library installation may be needed.

Rebol/View has more dependencies, since it is dependent on Xorg to display graphics. The list of dependencies for Rebol/View is long, and some distributions separate Xorg into many pieces, such as Arch Linux and Gentoo; make sure that all needed libraries are installed before running Rebol/View.

OS X[edit | edit source]

Rebol for OS X requires OS X Jaguar to run.