Real Estate Financing and Investing/How To Get Top Dollar for Your House

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Getting top dollar for your house when you sell hinges upon a number of factors. They are:

  • Ask the right price. Get several brokers to look at your house. Have them do "comps" on their computer.
  • Sell by July. Statistics show that of all home sales, over 70% occur in just four months, April through July. Most buyers want to move before school starts for their children.
  • Put some cosmetics on your house. It is usually worth investing some money to put a pretty face on your house.
  • Pick a top sales agent. See if you can find a Realtor of the Year type because he or she is a performing broker.
  • Don`t be stingy on the standard commission. A full price broker may give up some portion of the commission to clinch your sale.
  • Sign up for a shorter term listing (like no more than 90 days).
  • Take advantage of a multiple listing.
  • Do not oversell. Sit back and let the broker do the talking. You don`t want to point out too many things (such as a fireplace) about your house.
  • Avoid any offer that is contingent on the buyer`s selling his or her own house. Avoid any chance the deal may fall through.