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We begin with listing various sets of numbers that are important in mathematical analysis.

Sets of numbers
\mathbb{N} or N The natural numbers
\mathbb{Z} or Z The integers
\mathbb{Q} or Q The rational numbers
\mathbb{R} or R The real numbers
\mathbb{C} or C The complex numbers

List of mathematical symbols
\forall For all
\exists Exists/There Exists
\subseteq,\subset Subset, Proper Subset
\supseteq,\supset Superset, Proper Superset
\in Belongs to
\setminus Set Subtraction
\cup Union
\cap Intersection
|x| Absolute value
\sup Supremum/Least Upper Bound
\inf Infimum/Greatest Lower Bound
\emptyset,\phi Empty Set

The Greek Alphabet
\Alpha,\alpha Alpha
\Beta,\beta Beta
\Gamma,\gamma Gamma
\Delta,\delta Delta
\Epsilon,\epsilon Epsilon
\Zeta,\zeta Zeta
\Eta,\eta Eta
\Theta,\theta Theta
\Iota,\iota Iota
\Kappa,\kappa Kappa
\Lambda,\lambda Lambda
\Mu,\mu Mu
\Nu,\nu Nu
\Xi,\xi Xi
O,o Omicron
\Pi,\pi Pi
\Rho,\rho Rho
\Sigma,\sigma Sigma
\Tau,\tau Tau
\Upsilon,\upsilon Upsilon
\Phi,\phi Phi
\Chi,\chi Chi
\Psi,\psi Psi
\Omega,\omega Omega