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Reaktor 6 wishlist[edit]

You can add features which you think are neccessay or desirable for the next version of Reaktor, just go to edit this page.

  • MP3 playback module just like in Traktor with scrub, beat markers etc..
  • An actual release at some point in time
  • ReWire
  • Thread on Reaktor User Forum
  • FFT desired by all advanced instrument builders
  • Send and receive SYSEX (System Exclusive). This will allow Reaktor to control hardware synths and fx. This will permit a better integration of hardware devices and total recall of hardware settings using reaktor within a daw. +4
  • click-free switches
  • direct sample loading without having to store samples in maps before
  • Sample preview in sample browser window
  • Record samples inside Reaktor//this can already be done//add 24 bit recording in standalone
  • Ability to export sample maps as wavs & more control over maps
  • Ability to connect to a mysql database for patch storage
  • NRPN control assignment
  • Macro Object Inheritance / Ghost Copies (i.e., changes made to one macro are made to all macros of the same type. This saves you the time of having to copy and wire 20 macros when you edited one.)
  • Automatic patching to said Ghost Copies (i.e., patching a signal to an input on one macro patches that signal to all 'ghost' macros)
  • Replacing macros while retaining patches to inputs/outputs that are named the same.
  • More help and in depth descriptions on how to utilize event and audio tables.
  • Reaktor 4 was heavily lacking in quantity of instruments, Reaktor 6 should come with a library as large as Reaktor 3's built in library. Flashy, bloated ensembles are nice, but a wider variety of functional instruments would be more useful than a 50 megabyte 2 oscillator synth.
  • Macros and modules should be allowed back into the main ensemble structure view. With the Reaktor 4 update, this was disabled for the user.
  • Import more audio format (rex, mp3, AAC...)
  • Ability to program own modules with text code, not graphically
  • Scripting Language like Kontakt 2's KSP mainly for advanced midi control
  • Easier Sample Handling - Kontakt Style +1
  • Proper & CPU friendly midi sequencers for live use
  • Proper bandlimiting at Reaktors outputs or downsample module or proper adaptation of oscs to samplerate. (A.k.a Anti-aliasing)
  • Additive resynthesis
  • VST module to insert e.g dedicated efx
  • Save/Compile your ENS as a VST or VSTi
  • New Acoustic Modelling Macro Library - something comparable to Tassman or Harm Visser (Edit: Harm Visser has Reaktor Ensembles available at his website, and Karplus Strong can be easily done in Reaktor already)
  • New Module: Unity Gain Saturation
  • New oscillators that have a fuller, less digital sound (Edit: There are several Anti-Aliased Oscillators built with Core. Check out Multiwave Osc and the ones built into Carbon2)
  • Filter modules which can be compared with other NI products. (Absynth, Kontakt etc)
  • MIDI file player module
  • drawable anti-aliased oscillator (absynth style)
  • drawable oscillator should include all editing methods of absynth oscillators & should include all the same oscillator types, including Morph
  • Absynth style envelopes (Edit: Already exists, or at least an FM8-style one (similar to Absynth): Macros>Building Blocks>Envelopes>Multi BP Env)
  • internal recording higher than 16bit resolution
  • Trim/cut/normalize etc in sample map
  • Remove the distinction between contol resolution and audio resolution so that the control signals can work in real time. This would allow for accurate pitch tracking and other wonderful things +1 (Edit: Core already does this)
  • Option to disable the grid when editing the Panel.
  • large selection of super high quality panel elements - knobs, sliders, buttons, etc, . .
  • less cpu usage
  • Optional wire clean-up
  • View and compare structure using more than one window. Similarly, with the panel/interface view, separating instruments and effects into separate windows.
  • Transparency for every single element (not just for mouse area)
  • Tutorials & How to do Manuals (Edit: ADSR Tutorials has great Reaktor tutorials)
  • Proper in-depth description of components/modules/etc.
  • Support more languages (German / French / Spain / Russian)
  • Front Panel cabling option to build proper modular synths. (Not sure why this wasn't there from the start)
  • A reload option on skins as well as alphabetized listing in the drop down.