Reaktor/Tutorials/Where are the values?

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Where are the values?[edit | edit source]

Looking into the structure you see modules, connected by wires. But there are no variables whose values you could check. If you know a little bit about programming you might wonder: Where are the values in Reaktor?

Well, they're obviously travelling along the wires - and you can even see them doing that by pointing your mouse on a wire: If it's a primary level wire a small hint appears showing the actual value travelling along the wire (updated every second or so). In core level you have to activate the "debug mode" (within the context menu or by pressing the little bug in the header) to get these hints.

This way you can get a first overview of what's going on. If you have to analyse the values in more details there are a lot of panel elements available you can insert into the structure to have the values displayed within the panel.