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  • Please add ideas for tutorials, which you really need, things you want to be explained...
  • A tutorial on using sequencers would be fine. The user's manual only tells you what the sequencer modules can (or should) do, but *not* how to connect them to your instruments (fi., how do I use the Modulation4 sequencer of the Classic Modular Collection, or the SQ16...?)
  • A tutorial about the use of Event tables, because NI isn´t offering very much info in the manual.
  • A tutorial on translating DSP theory, C++ Code, and/or electronic schematics into Core Technology.
  • A tutorial designing a step sequencer in Reaktor 5.] ==
  • A tutoria on how to build your own delay, echo, reverb and so on would be fantastic! like a step by step guide
  • Oh Jesus, how do I even get it to record what I'm playing?
  • Sample-based manipulation, guide to both the basics and the advanced granular techniques, and FFT processing in Reaktor...
  • CPU usage - reduction tips and techniques.
  • A tutorial on the different Delay modules and their applications and perhaps including an example of a Delay module built around Core
  • A newbie/dummy-guide for Reaktor 5 would be very helpful. The tutorial in the documentation is usefull, but all I can build now is the tutorial-synth, and I don't understand much more than that...
  • A tutorial on polyphony. This is very complex and counterintuitive, especially for those of us who learned "MAX"
  • A tutorial on live-manipulation of vocals, like pitchchanging, changing formants, creating harmonies and all that ...!