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You can add a list of your favourite ensembles, but please add a comment WHY you like them, what is so special about them etc...

Twisted Tools[edit]

  • Buffeater: Insane glitch effects plugin! Probably the best out there...internal automation, dynamic routing, high quality
  • Vortex: Amazing granular sampler/sequencer with a lot of modulation options. Easy to use and nice looking.
  • Colorflex Unique sequencer with cell matrix. Fun poly-rhythmic stuff!
  • Flakes Cool free granular sampler (there are a bunch of other cool free ones too...)

User 1[edit]

  • Wilderbeast: It's spacy and trippy in a 70s analog lasershow freakout kinda way.
  • Haseline II: Someday musicians will be replaced by machines. That day has come.

Ogo Pogo[edit]

Kush Arora[edit]

Reaktor User Forum thread[edit]