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Raising Chickens


Starting Up:

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Choosing a breed 100% developed | Pen Maintenance 0% developed
Finding a Hatchery 100% developed | Local Regulations 25% developed  as of April 27, 2007

Taking care of your Chickens:

Chicks 50% developed | Feeding 100% developed | Watering 100% developed | Winters 50% developed  as of February 16, 2006
Dealing with death 50% developed  as of February 16, 2006 | Butchering Chickens 75% developed
Keeping your chickens happy 100% developed


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One of the most important factors to properly raise chickens is having a suitable chicken house or better known as chicken coop. A chicken coop can be an old building or built from scratch. It is especially important that it is well ventilated, yet does not provide easy access for predatory animals such as dogs, foxes and wolves. Another thing to keep in mind is the climate in your area. In colder climates you would probably want to build a shelter that will hold in heat more. While in warmer climate the opposite effect is more desired. The primary goal is to reach a comfortable temperature.

Your coop should have some chicken wire under the floor if it is on the ground. If it is off the ground make sure it is high enough so that rodents don't nest under it. Also, make sure the ground absorbs moisture quick enough. To test this, dig a hole in the ground and pour a little water into it. Building a suitable coop is not an easy task. However, if you have some good guidance then it will be much easier.There are lots of plans available on the internet. Try searching for one which can explain to you the building process step by step.

Further Resources[edit]

Public domain instructions for constructing a small chicken house are available from the Institute for Appropriate Technology. Further guidelines on how to build a chicken coop are available at EasyBuildChickenCoop.com For a comprehensive guide on DIY Chicken Coop Plans and a lot of additional Chicken Care information visit BuildingaChickenCoop.com