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Registered Radium SmartChain users have the ability to publish their files' checksums to the SmartChain to allow their community a fault tolerant, integrity assured solution to safely downloading shareware.

The Smart-Chain acts as an open global repository of all registered Open Source Organizations (OSO's) shareware check-sums, which the organizations voluntarily published for their users. This process is intended to somewhat automate the file integrity verification process, there by providing easy access to PC security best practices and end user productivity benefits.

Verifying a File Checksum on the SmartChain - Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Description: Verifying a file on the SmartChain does not consume any Radon or Radium and can be done on a guest account if you do not have a registered SmartChain ID. Open-Source Organization community members can also request the "One-Click Verify" approach be integrated into their organization's main download page to avoid needing to open the application all together. For this example we will demonstrate the process and the output you will generate with a valid file checksum verification, as well as an invalid file verification.

1.) Start on the "Prove Something" tab in the SmartChain application and select "Check Who Owns a File".

Radium SmartChain - Verify File Checksums S1.png

2.) A window will appear, and you should then click on "Select File". This will open a file explorer window and allow you to navigate and select the file you wish to verify.

Radium SmartChain - Verify File Checksums S2.png

Positive Verification Results[edit | edit source]

3a.) Upon locating the file, select "Open" on the file explorer window, and you will see this output.

Radium SmartChain - Verify File Checksums S3.png

Negative Verification Results[edit | edit source]

3b.) Upon locating the file, select "Open" on the file explorer window, and you will see this output if the file does not match any published file checksums on the SmartChain.

Radium SmartChain - Verify File Checksums S4.png

Important Note[edit | edit source]

Just because a the verification process provides a negative result does not mean the file is malicious, it simply indicates that the original file has not been published to the SmartChain. Also, just because a file verification provides a positive result, do not assume that file is the most recent version available.

Organizations will be responsible for making sure the most recent versions are published, we believe there is an opportunity for the community to contribute and keep things updated and allow the SmartChain to be as effective as possible and always be the go-to source for Open-Source file integrity verification.

Please reach out to someone in the Project Radon Slack Channel with any issues or questions!

Guide created by SmartChain user boardwalk, feel free to donate RADS if this was useful. XyTKQq3JLPH8ZAY1rKucK1xJenLZEJUZ3E