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Recording a SmartChain Text Note[edit | edit source]

This tutorial begins assuming you have the SmartChain (version 2.4) downloaded and installed already with a connected wallet and a registered username. You will also need Radon to support the Publishing of the Text Note - the current rate is 1 Radon per 40 bytes of text. For information regarding registration or obtaining Radon, please visit the [Registration Walkthrough] and the [Radium Decay Walkthrough]

1.) Open the SmartChain and select your username. Then select the "Prove Something" Button as circled below, which brings you to the Known Text Notes Screen shown in Step 2.

SmartChain - Verify file S1

2.) Select the "Secure Text Note in Blockchain" and the "Craft Your Text Note" Window will appear.

SmartChain - Verify file S2

3.) The Text Note window will auto-populate your username as the publishers name. You can apply a title for your text note and fill out the text note you need recorded. Once you have your note crafted to your liking, you can run the built-in Cost Calculator to get an idea of the exact cost and compression ratio that will be applied to your note. When you are satisfied with your note and costs, select "Place in Blockchain!"

SmartChain - Verify file S3

4.) Two confirmation windows will appear. One is to confirm the title and the user you are acting as, and the other is to confirm the costs that are going to be applied to the balances of your SmartChain user account. These are your last chances to review your entries before publishing to the SmartChain. Please review closely.

SmartChain - Verify file S4

5.) Upon submission the note will not immediately show up in the SmartChain. As previously noted, it runs 4 blocks behind the Radium Blockchain so you will need to wait a few minutes for your text note to appear. When it appears you can inspect the published text note and select "View Document" to review the published note.

SmartChain - Verify file S5

6.) Inspecting the note shows the exact time and date of the recording, as well as the User who recorded it, what block of the SmartChain the note was published in, and the exact text that was entered.

SmartChain - Verify file S6

Please reach out to someone in the Project Radon Slack Channel with any issues or questions!

Notes[edit | edit source]

The SmartChain functionality is undergoing rapid development at the moment and the steps of this guide may change or be slightly altered. If you see any discrepancies please notify the project group in the Project Radium Slack channel so we can make the appropriate updates.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

For questions about installing the SmartChain and registering a username, please visit this page: Radium SmartChain/registration walkthrough

For questions about decaying Radium into Radon, please visit this page: Radium SmartChain/Radium Decay Tutorial

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