Radium SmartChain/Development History

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Stuff in the Works (updated 8/6/16)[edit | edit source]

SmartChain 3.0[edit | edit source]

SmartChain 3.0 will be the third major release of the SmartChain, and will include the following features:

(windows only)

  • Removal of Radon and Radon Decay
  • Brand new XAML GUI
  • Release date was on March 27th 2017

Radium SmartChain Development history[edit | edit source]

Phase 2.4[edit | edit source]

Public release March 30 2016

  • SmartChain Radon cost adjustment
    • Cost to register a username changed from 10 Radon to 5
    • Cost for other operations reduced to 1 Radon per 40 bytes
  • User Experience
    • All new graphics
    • Columns can now be re-sized, re-ordered, and sorted ascending/descending.
    • Full Radium Send history now visible.
    • Full Radium Decay history now visible.
    • Added filtering and searching to registered user fields.
    • Fully automated Radium Wallet launch.
  • Performance
    • Transition back-end data handling to a relational database structure.
    • Added low resource usage sync.
    • improved sync loop speed
  • Technical
    • Added Custom RPC credentials.
    • Added Custom wallet data directory.
    • Added wallet sync state checking.
    • Added wallet connection state checking.
    • Added sync queue length stats on the syncing splash page.
    • Sync data and required files moved to /appdata/SmartChain

Phase 2.3[edit | edit source]

Released Feb 2 2016

  • Fixed various issues and bugs related to handling orphan blocks.
  • Reduced maximum slow decay rate to to allow confirmation time.
  • Fixed "disappearing user" bug, related to orphan blocks.
  • Removed wallet sync checking that was causing random bugs.

Phase 2.2[edit | edit source]

Released Jan 28 2016

  • Fixed issue preventing some users from registering.
  • Fixed code for displaying update warnings.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Released Jan 26 2016

  • NEW FUNCTION Proof of Existence: Text Notes
  • NEW FUNCTION Proof of Existence: File Hashing + Verification
  • NEW FUNCTION Radium Send
  • NEW FUNCTION Blockchain announcements for leisure/major/critical updates
  • Added session history for Radium Decay
  • Multi-Threaded Sync Engine for improved sync speed
  • Various minor GUI Updates and Improvements
  • Various code optimizations

Phase 1.2[edit | edit source]

Released Jan 19 2016

  • SmartChain Client updated to work with re branded Radium wallet.

Phase 1.1[edit | edit source]

Released Jan 12 2016

  • Fixed incorrect display of Radium and Rad balances

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Released Jan 12 2016

  • Phase 1 Release, and ANN posted.