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Vaginal Cancer Staging

AJCC 7th Edition (2009)[edit]

Corresponds to FIGO staging: FIGO Staging (2000)

Primary Tumor:

  • Tis - in situ
  • T1 (FIGO I) - confined to vagina
  • T2 (FIGO II) - invades paravaginal tissues but not to pelvic wall
  • T3 (FIGO III) - extends to pelvic wall
  • T4 (FIGO IVA) - invades mucosa of bladder or rectum or extends beyond the true pelvis

Regional Lymph Nodes:

  • N0 - no
  • N1 (FIGO III) - pelvic or inguinal lymph node metastasis

Distant Metastases:

  • M0 - none
  • M1 (FIGO IVB) - yes

Stage Grouping: (corresponds to FIGO Stage)

  • I - T1 N0
  • II - T2 N0
  • III - T3 or N1
  • IVA - T4
  • IVB - M1

Older staging editions[edit]

AJCC 6th Edition (2002)

See also: 2002 AJCC Staging (6th edition)

No changes compared to 7th edition