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Thymoma Randomized Evidence

Surgery +/- Adjuvant RT[edit]

Stage I

  • Peking; 1999 (China)(1981-1996) PMID 11593579 -- "Postoperative radiotherapy for stage I thymoma: a prospective randomized trial in 29 cases." (Zhang H, Chin Med J (Engl). 1999 Feb;112(2):136-8.)
    • Randomized. 29 patients, Stage I, age <65 years. Arm 1) surgery alone vs. Arm 2) surgery + adjuvant RT. RT AP and/or two anterior oblique wedge fields. If lymphocytic predominant, used 50/25, if epithelial/mixed used 60/30
    • Outcome: No recurrence or metastases in either group; 10-year OS surgery 92% vs. surgery + RT 88% (NS)
    • Conclusion: Adjuvant RT not necessary for Stage I thymoma