Radiation Oncology/Sebaceous

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Sebaceous Carcinoma


  • Very rare
  • Commonly presents as a gradually enlarging, firm nodule
  • >70% located in the head & neck region, especially periorbital
  • Spread is to regional lymph nodes


Treatment is largely surgical via wide excision or Mohs. Radiation or topical therapies are sometimes used.

  • SEER / Yale (1973-2004) PMID 18988294 -- "A retrospective review of 1349 cases of sebaceous carcinoma." (Dasgupta T, Cancer. 2009 Jan 1;115(1):158-65.)
    • 1349 pts. Review of SEER database from 1973-2004. Median age 73 yrs. 5-yr and 10-yr relative survival rate (age-matched): 91.9% and 79.2%. Cancer was cause of death in 31%.