Radiation Oncology/NHL/CNS Metastases

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Lymphoma Metastatic to the Central Nervous System

Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • MDACC, 1998 - PMID 9454747 -- "Risk factors, treatment, and outcome of central nervous system recurrence in adults with intermediate-grade and immunoblastic lymphoma." (Van Besien K, Blood. 1998 Feb 15;91(4):1178-84.)
    • Incidence of CNS recurrence 4.5% at 1 year from primary lymphoma treatment. Risk factors for CNS recurrence: elevated LDH, multiple extranodal sites.
    • 24 pts developed CNS recurrence. Median survival 88 days. 1 yr OS 25.3%. RT provided symptomatic relief in 6 of 9.