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RTOG Website

Number Title
04-38 A Phase I Trial of Highly Conformal Radiation Therapy for Patients with Liver Metastases

Number Title
88-23 Phase I/II Study of Integrated Intra-Arterial CDDP and Intravenous I131-Antiferritin in the Treatment of Nonresectable Hepatocellular Cancer
84-05 Phase I/II Dose-Escalating Trial of Accelerated Fractionation in the Palliative Irradiation of Hepatic Metastases from Primary Cancer of the GI Tract
83-19 Phase III Randomized Comparison of ADR/5-FU plus I131-Antiferritin IgG vs ADR/5-FU Alone Following ADR/5-FU plus External Beam Radiotherapy in Nonmetastatic Nonresectable Primary Hepatoma
83-01 Phase I/II Escalating ADR/5-FU Integrated with Isotopic Immunoglobulin Following Radiotherapy plus ADR/5-FU for Liver Cancer
80-03 Phase III Comparison of Radiation Alone vs Radiation plus Misonidazole in the Treatment of Liver Metastases
79-28 Phase I-II Study of Combined Modality Treatment of Primary Liver Cancer with Isotopic Immunoglobulin, Liver Irradiation, and ADR/5-FU
76-05 Pilot Study of Radiotherapy for Palliation of Symptomatic Hepatic Metastases