Radiation Oncology/Head & Neck/Ameloblastoma

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• First recognized in 1827 by Cusack JW

• Designated as adamantinoma in 1885 by the French physician Louis-Charles Malassez

• Finally renamed to the modern name ameloblastoma in 1930 by Ivey and Churchill

• Rare, benign or cancerous tumor of odontogenic epithelium (ameloblasts, or outside portion, of the teeth during development)

• Much more commonly appearing in the lower jaw than the upper jaw

• Four types of ameloblastoma have been described by the WHO 2017 classification:

(1) Conventional (solid/multicystic) type

(2) Unicystic

(3) Peripheral/extraosseous

(4) Metastasising (malignant)

• Surgical resection or enucleation remains the most definitive treatment for this condition

• Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, curettage and liquid nitrogen have been effective in some cases of ameloblastoma