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What is missing (so you can help if you want)

How to backup/mirror this wikibook?[edit | edit source]

Just in case this website is down, how to download a backup of this wiki book?

How to set up a mirror wiki website containing the wikibook of ROSE?

Maintain the print version[edit | edit source]

It is possible that new chapters are added but they are not reflected in the one-page print version. So periodical synchronization is needed by including more chapters or re-arranging their order in the one-page print version.


  • A print version is similar to a source file with included contents, each included chapter will have a first level of heading
  • Because the first level heading (=) is used by the print version page to include all chapters, all included pages/chapters should NOT contain any first level heading.

With the basic understanding of how this work, you can now edit the print version's wiki page:

More at:

Maintain the better pdf file[edit | edit source]

The pdf version automatically generated from the print version page is rudimentary. It has no table of content and pagination etc.

So we used a manual process to generate better pdf file. We need to occasionally repeat this process to have a up-to-date and better pdf file.

Here are the manual steps:

  • Use your web browser to open and save the print version to your own computer as "web page complete"
  • use the HTML-compatible word processor of your choice to open the html file, convert html to a format the word processor, and add paginate the book.
    • In Microsoft Word, this can done by
      • opening the saved HTML file
      • saving it to a word file
      • adding table of content by selecting Insert > Field > Index and Tables > TOC or Preferences-> Table of contents for Word 2012 or later.
      • adding page numbers to the footer
      • save it to a pdf file with a name like ROSE_Compiler_Framework.pdf
      • upload to wikibooks

To add a link to your wikibook page, insert

{{PDF version|pdf file name without .pdf|size kb, number pages|file description}}

For example

{{PDF version|ROSE_Compiler_Framework|840 kb, 48 pages|ROSE_Compiler_Framework}}

More background about pdf verions: at:

Documentation Alternatives[edit | edit source]

1. Google Docs: comments, different output formats, easy collaboration 2. AsciiDoc