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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The goal of this book is to have a community documentation providing extensive and up-to-date instructional information about how to use the open-source ROSE compiler framework, developed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory .

While the ROSE project website ( already has a variety of official documentations, having a wikibook for ROSE allows anybody to contribute to gathering instructional information about this software.

Again, please note that this wikibook is not the official documentation of ROSE. It is the community efforts contributed by anyone just like you.

How To Contribute[edit | edit source]

  • Welcomed Contributions:
    • Fix typos and grammar of existing pages for quality, clarity, and readability.
    • Add new pages about ROSE-specific tutorials, how-tos, FAQ, and workflow
    • Start discussions on the Discussion tab of an existing page about new suggestions of how things can be done better
  • Unwelcome Contributions:
    • Rewriting existing documentation, link to it instead if necessary

References[edit | edit source]

Conventions[edit | edit source]

  • Technical names, identifiers, etc. should be enclosed in teletype, <samp></samp>

    The FooBar class can be found in the foobar.cpp file.

  • Source code should use a highlighted code block:
<syntaxhighlight lang="<language>">
<Code goes here...>

(Enclosing code in a <pre></pre> block is also okay, but the highlighted code block is preferred.)

  • Headings:
    • Capitalize all words e.g. "Graph Processing"
  • Subheadings:
    • First word capitalized only

Tracking Wiki Changes[edit | edit source]

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Enable Email Notifications for Changes to this book[edit | edit source]

If you want to be notified of changes to this book, WikiBooks provides email notifications for changes to Wiki pages that you explicitly choose to watch.

To use this feature:

1. Create an account with WikiBooks:

2. Login to WikiBooks and set your preferences (top right corner of the web page) for both email notifications and your watch list:

  • Email notification settings
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  • Define your watchlist
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    • you can also individually watch and unwatch any wiki page: by click on the star on the page's tab list (after View history)

Caveat: we don't know if wikibooks supports users to watch one entire book. So far, you have to do this one page after another by editing them at some points.

Wikibook Writing Tips[edit | edit source]

1. What exactly is "BookCat" for? It is a category tag automatically added by wiki robot scripts.

2. Should "BookCat" be at the end of the document? Any position in the page should be fine. Having it at top may be better so it won't be accidentally deleted when we add new things at the bottom.