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Style Guide for REALbasic Documentation[edit | edit source]

When contributing, follow as closely as possible the conventions we are developing. These conventions include the following:

  • Items in italics represent placeholders which should be replaced as indicated in the description;
  • Items in bold text represent literal text that you should enter exactly as shown;
  • Items in plain non-italic text represent literal text that you should usually enter exactly as shown.

Code Samples[edit | edit source]

Please adhere to the following coding standards:

  1. Keywords: lower case (print, not PRINT) or "camel case" (HandleEvents, not HANDLEEVENTS).
    1. The mixed-case format is preferred.
    2. Please do not color code the Wikibook text.

Code within Text[edit | edit source]

The <code> tag is supported by Wikibooks. This tag renders enclosed text in a monospace font, usually Courier or Courier New. Unfortunately, the text is not always easy to read, so please avoid using italics or other effects unless absolutely essential.

Blocks of Code[edit | edit source]

Use a <pre> (pre-formatted) tag for large blocks of code:

// This is sample code

The <PRE> tag places example code within a box. It also preserves formatting by rendering the code in a monospace font.

Document Organization[edit | edit source]

When documents can be organized in folders (directories), the following standards are used:

  1. Language: An Overview of Syntax, Organized by Functionality
  2. Intro: An Introduction to Programming in REALbasic (Note: please compose content for true beginning programmers)
  3. Programming: Intermediate to Advanced Programming Topics
    1. Programming/subtopic: Specific Topics ([[../Programming/Databases| Working with Databases]] produces Working with Databases
  4. Tutorials: Programming Examples and More
  5. Appendix: Additional Information

Folders are divided further into specific topics. Always consult the REALbasic main page before creating sub-folders (sub-sections) for this text. The Wikibook entries are linked from REALbasic → "Major Section" → "Sub-section" and this organization will be automatically recreated when a Wikibook is exported. Since the Wikibook is our central repository for content, please maintain the organization. Reorganizing a Wikibook requires copying pages to new locations and then deleting the originals.