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How to join?[edit | edit source]

Mailing List[edit | edit source]

The first step is to subscribe the freelist where former and current contributors coordinate the progress of the book:


You may also want to follow the hashtag #racattack on twitter to have fresh news about public announcements.

Contributing as Event Volunteer[edit | edit source]

Volunteers will mentor event participants by explaining the installation flow and helping troubleshooting.

If you want to join an event as volunteer (e.g. OOW13), inform the team through the mailing list (rackattack@freelist.com) and put your name into the correspondent table into the Events page:


Once the book will be finished, practice with the installation and be prepared to teach about it.

Contributing as Tester/Reviewer[edit | edit source]

While the book development is in progress, and mainly when it will be finished, the developers will ask to the mailinglist racattack@freelist.org to start tests. When you're ready to test:

  • Follow carefully all the installation steps
  • Feel free to fix directly all small typos directly in the wikibook.
  • Report to the developers every bigger problem
  • Feel free to discuss/propose improvements

Contributing as Developer[edit | edit source]

Create an account on wikibooks.org[edit | edit source]

Then we can all see that you were making changes to pages instead of just seeing your IP address. Also you will get credit in printed books because your username will be printed at the end! Therefor you will become famous and wealthy!

Coordination worksheet[edit | edit source]

Seth Miller has created a worksheet in GDocs to put the working progress:


Ask him to share it with you.

We use it to track the working progress, to discuss about general topics and to track the need of image uploads.

Manual of style[edit | edit source]

Please review and follow the conventions from our Manual of Style

Permissions for Screenshot Uploading[edit | edit source]

All the screenshots we take may illustrate copyrighted software, so images SHOULD NOT BE UPLOADED THE TRADITIONAL WAY (as creative commons on mediacommons) but they MUST BE UPLOADED DIRECTLY ON WIKIBOOKS as fair use images.

This can be done by using the local special upload page: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Special:Upload. Make sure to bookmark it.

Uploading the images to wikibooks requires a special grant to the wikibooks users.

In order to be granted, request the Uploader privilege by modifying the page http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Wikibooks:Requests_for_permissions:

  • add your name and the reason why you need to become an uploader (you can see our request on the bottom of the page: ludovicocaldara and yvelik, by clicking on the arrow near the exclamation mark below our names).
  • administrators periodically check the page and approve/disapprove the requests.

Legal notice about fair use images[edit | edit source]

The screenshots can be uploaded to wikibooks using the http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Special:Upload page.

However, be careful when inserting the summary of the image: all the screenshots MUST contain this information into the summary:

|description = <your image description here>
|source = VirtualBox 4.2.14, Microsoft Windows 7, Oracle Database 12c
|date = 2013-07-26
|author = Oracle Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, <your name here>

{{non-free use rationale
|module = RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home
|copyrights = Oracle Corporation, Microsoft Corporation
|source = VirtualBox 4.2.12, Microsoft Windows 7, Oracle Database 12c
|not free = Screenshots of proprietary software and websites are copyrighted. It is impossible to create public domain or free screenshots of proprietary software or websites. These screenshots are being used under "fair use" to illustrate how to use certain proprietary software.
|rationale = This book is being written to teach beginners how to use specific proprietary computer software. It is basically impossible to teach this without illustrations - i.e. screenshots. For all practical purposes, this educational book requires the use of screenshots.

Moreover, in the upload page, there's a combo box, we must select "Screenshot includes software interface".

This will save us from complaints or image deletion.

Few images to uplaod[edit | edit source]

If you do not want to request the Uploader permission and upload the images yourself, let us know (racattack@freelist.org). We would be happy to upload the images for you.

Current Book Developers[edit | edit source]

Name Personal Site/about Wikibooks permissions
Ludovico Caldara http://www.ludovicocaldara.net/dba/about/ , @ludodba , ludovico.caldara@trivadis.com , ludovico.caldara@gmail.com Uploader
Yury Velikanov velikanovs@pythian.com, j.velikanovs@gmail.com, @yvelik Uploader
Seth Miller http://sethmiller.org Uploader
Alvaro Miranda http://kikitux.net , alvaro@kikitux.net Uploader
Wes Gibbs Uploader