RAC Attack - Oracle Cluster Database at Home/Copy VM

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  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the folder [RAC11g] \collabn1. Copy all of the files to the folder [RAC11g] \collabn2.
    • The location of [RAC11g] was determined in the first lab. In a class, the instructor may provide the location.
    • If the collabn2 folder does not exist, then create it.
    Make sure that you copy - not move - the files. Hold down CTRL to copy with drag-and-drop in windows.

  2. Browse to [RAC11g] \collabn2. Edit the file collabn1.vmx (the VMware Configuration File). You can use notepad or wordpad to edit the file.
  3. Find the line displayName and change it to collabn2 (the new node name), then save and close the file. displayName = "collabn2"