Question Writer Tracker Manual/Controlling and Monitoring Access/Single Use Tokens/Issuing Single Use Tokens

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Issuing Single Use Tokens[edit | edit source]

To issue tokens you need to follow these steps:

Log into your Tracker account (using the same email address and password that you used in your published quizzes)

Click on Quizzes (in the top right of the screen) and then click on the quiz you wish to issue tokens for.

A new page will open and there is a section One Use Tokens.

Select the number of tokens you wish to create. For example you could select 5 from the drop-down box and then click on create. You can always delete the tokens that you don't use later.

The system will then create 5 single use tokens and you can copy and email the URL's to each quiz taker.

You'll notice a small Excel icon to the left above the list of tokens for each quiz. This is helpful to download your tokens (with links, ip addresses and start times) if you need to sort them or export them into another system.

On the same page (in the first section) you can change the quiz from Public to Private so that only students issued with a token will be able to access it.

When the quiz taker has used the token to access the quiz you will be able to see that on your Tracker Account.