Question Writer Manual/Sections/Adding Sections

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Adding Sections

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Sections are created by using the Add Question button on the tool bar - the final option is add section, or by right clicking while your mouse is over the quiz icon and selecting add and section.

You can easily create subsections, just by right clicking to add a section while your mouse is over the higher level section.

When you have added the section, if you right click you can open the section's properties window. You can then add the information for that section.

You can give each section a title, to help you when organizing your quiz and you can vary the time allowed for completion of each section. You can choose whether or not to apply randomization to each section. If you wish to group questions for your own organizational reasons, but don't want the questions to appear to the quiz taker in this same grouping you can tick the Flatten section... box. For more information on using randomization in sections a short video tutorial is available here: [1].