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Fill in the Blank Question Options[edit]

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Fill In The Blank Answers Must Use Correct Capitalization[edit]

This determines whether the scoring for Fill In The Blank style questions is case sensitive. If Correct Capitalization is required and the required answer was 'Blue' but the quiz taker entered 'blue' - they would not score any points.

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Award Points for Answers with Spelling Errors[edit]

A very big drawback to Fill In the Blank questions is having to identify the exact characters that a quiz taker must type in to get a question right. This feature allows you to award full or partial marks to quiz takers who come close enough.

You can also specify how close they have to be. The default setting is 30%, meaning 3 errors in a 10 letter word or 1 in a 4 letter word.

An error is either

  1. Wrong letter (Necessery)
  2. Missing letter (Necesary)
  3. Extra letter (Neccessary)
  4. Two letters switched around (Recieve)
  5. Where case-correct answers are required, switching the case of a letter is also marked as a single error. (washington)

You can still define multiple correct answers, and the one with fewest errors compared to the student's answers will be used

Award only Partial Credit for Spelling Errors[edit]

This tick box enables partial credit to be awarded for partially correct answers.