Question Writer Manual/Quiz Options/Advanced Settings/Theme Images

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Theme Images[edit]

Override Background[edit]

QW3 Pro star icon.png

If you have the Professional Version of Question Writer you can add your own background image or piece of Flash in place of the one from the theme. See also Background Image.

Override Loader Image[edit]

QW3 Pro star icon.png

You can also use your own loader image - this is the image or Flash the quiz taker will see while the quiz is loading. See also Loader Image.

Jpeg Image Quality[edit]

QW3 Pro star icon.png

Use this option to adjust the quality of any jpg images used. Set the size/image quality balance to suit your own quizzes. If your quiz is designed for use on a CDROM - usually you'll want to have high quality images and a large file size. If the quiz is to be available over the internet you'll often want a lower quality image and a smaller file size to minimize quiz download times.

Flash Version[edit]

You can choose which version of Flash your images will be saved and published as - by selecting from the drop down box. The higher the version number that you select, the better the image quality will be.

QW3Pro Theme Images2.jpg