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Question Writer is a quiz authoring tool for Microsoft Windows. It allows the user to:

  • create online quizzes with a variety of question formats,
  • publish the quizzes online (or in a range of other formats)
  • receive results by email and
  • review quiz results in a results database

Three versions of the software are available:

Basic: available free but limited to multiple choice questions only
Standard: all you need to create quizzes complete with 7 question types – Multiple Choice; Multiple Response; True or False; Fill in the Blank; Matching; Sequencing; Essay
Professional: fullest version of the software with added features including the partial credit question type, the plugin question type (which in effect gives you the opportunity to create almost any question type you need) – and the facility to create sections and explanation pages; add your own background and loader images and adjust image quality.

Question Writer 4 Professional Version has several features in addition to those described for the Standard Version. Explanation of how these features can be used will appear alongside the explanation for the related Standard Version feature with a PRO symbol to highlight that the explanation relates to Professional Version only.

How Help Works

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This manual contains a Quick Start Tutorial which should help you create your first quiz but there are also 5 chapters which describe how to use the software in more detail. The Extras chapter outlines some new or different ways to use the software. If you experiencing some difficulties you might find some useful information in the Frequently Asked Questions chapter.

You can print this manual if you prefer. There is an on-demand PDF and HTML version on the front page. Both versions are fully up to date and we recommend using the PDF version if you're printing the whole manual.

In addition you can:

Before you start

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Have your quiz ready – think about what type of questions you want to write and above all be sure that you know the correct answer!