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Flash Lite 2[edit | edit source]

Flash Lite 2 is a Flash player for mobile phones [1]. Flash Lite 2 can manage basic Question Writer quizzes as long as the theme is kept simple and the questions are limited in number (about 10 with no feedback or 5 with feedback). This will improve as phones use more memory and better processors.

There is some sample Question Writer content for FlashLite 2 [2](double size in browser, click here to download .swf to try on your phone [3]).

The sample uses the scenario of an estate agent (or realtor) entering details of a new rental property. It works well as a quick and easy form - it can be used for form filling in a situation where a keyboard isn't practical. It uses the texting mechanism so can be completed with one hand. Here's the theme download (.qws) [4]

Android 2.2 supports Flash 10 and this is an excellent way to run your quizzes on mobile devices. The quizzes will run on Android 2.2 phones in the same way that they run on desktop browsers. Question Writer includes a theme with a 320x480 resolution that can be used for best effect with mobile phones.

You can read some more about this and see Question Writer running on a phone using an Android app here: [5]