Question Writer Manual/Quiz Options/Question Options/General Question Properties

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General Question Properties[edit]

This properties window contains a series of tick boxes relating to the appearance of the question on the screen, most of which are self explanatory.

QW35 General Question Properties.jpg

Show Question Number[edit]

The question number can be displayed at the top of each question page using this option

Randomize Question Options[edit]

This randomizes the order in which answer options are displayed in Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and Partial Credit question types. In Sequencing and Matching question types, options are always randomized.

Display Point Values For Questions[edit]

The number of points awarded for each questions is shown to bottom right hand side of the question if this option is selected.

Display Title With Each Question[edit]

This option displays the title of the quiz at the top of each question page.

Use Image Zooming[edit]

When an image or piece of Flash is displayed with a question, it can optionally be shown in the top left hand corner and zoomed to full size when the mouse moves over it. If this option is not selected, the image appears at its default size at the top of the question.

Never Show Back Button with Questions[edit]

QW3 Pro star icon.png When this box is ticked the back button will not appear in each question, this means that quiz takers will not be given the option to go back over earlier answers.

Force Attempt at Every Question[edit]

QW3 Pro star icon.png When this box is ticked the quiz takers will have to enter an answer before they can proceed to the next question. This ensures that they attempt each question in the quiz.