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Lindë Roccalassen[edit]

Tengwar Quenya English

j%2$ 7Ya;Dj#,F5

Lindë Roccalassen Song to Éowyn

7Ya;Dj#8= j%2# j~N1R 5~N7Rj´^=

`C5yE5Ì# hÍRm$ 7Ya;Yj%~VyE=

j$ aDj%5# yR 5lD7E `BjnR,F-

j$ 7~B5 `C2# jlD7R`C j^a|F5$5=

aDj1Ej# yR `B aDj%t$ `CjaD6=

7Ya;Dj#8 `C7E5$j 1U6t#nR2$--
Roccalas, linda lótë nórelyo,
anvanya yeldë Roccoliéva,
le calina ve Naira ilwessë;
le rín' anda laurëa loxenen,
caltala ve i calimë alcar,
Roccalas aranel turmawendë.
Éowyn, beautiful flower of your land,
the fairest daughter of the People of Horses,
you are light like the Sun on sky;
you are crowned by long golden hair,
shining like the bright rays of light,
Éowyn princess shieldmaiden.

`Vj´$ j#4#5$ t$jt$,F iY5$5-

t$7Tj´$ t$jt$7ÎD= 5$k `C7E5$j--

`C6nR5 `V`C ~N7Rk `Vj$,D6nE-

5~C7Y yR`C5$6 `C6 aD5Ì# `Nd1E6-

t$j%j´$8 5#5 `Mt%7Y t$j$ j$=

7Ya;Dj#8 `C7E5$j 1U6t#nR2$--
Elyë lantanë melmessë sonen;
merilyë melmerya, ness' aranel.
Arwen ëa óress' Elessarwa;
náro vëaner ar canya ohtar;
melilyes nan umiro melë le,
Roccalas aranel turmawendë.
You fell in the love with him;
you want his love, young princess.
Arwen is in the heart of Elessar;
he is a man and a bold warrior;
you love him but he does not love you,
Éowyn princess shieldmaiden.

`M1~Mj%`V5 `B t~N7R- .D1E4$

t#d1T`V5 `Nd1E,F 9lD6 5~N7R,R5=

`C6 j$ 9Rd1E5$4$ `B t#7E,F-

t$7T4$j 1T7T`V 5%,G= 9~B5%

`B `C61E,F5 t~B 1~C7R `N7Y4%=

7Ya;Dj#8 `C7E5$j 1U6t#nR2$--
Utúlie'n i mórë; autantë
mahtien ohtassë hair' nóressen,
ar le hehtanentë i maressë:
merintel tirië nissi, híni
i artassen mí tárë oronti,
Roccalas aranel turmawendë.
The darkness has come; they depart
to fight in a war in far lands,
and you they left at home:
they want you to watch women, children
in the fortresses in the high mountains,
Éowyn princess shieldmaiden.

t$7Tj´$ 9B7R t$1;E 5Ì~V7Rj´^-

`V,F5$5 9Cm#1T6 8~B j$j´#j´$

tlUj$,F yR `B iD5Ì# 7Ya;Y5$6-

t~B 9B8nR 9R2& qR7T5^ aF5:$

z~V5 ~M `V81Rj^ `B t$7R eG7R

7Ya;Dj#8 `C7E5$j 1U6t#nR2$--
Merilyë hirë metta nyérelyo;
essenen Haldatir sí lelyalyë
muilessë ve i sanya rocconer;
mí hiswë hendu perino cennë
quén ú estelo i merë firë
Roccalas aranel turmawendë.
You want to find an end to your grief;
under the name of Dernhelm now you go
secretly like a [lit. the] normal horseman;
in the gray eyes a halfling saw
someone without hope who wants to die
Éowyn princess shieldmaiden.

5& zDj%5 7Ya;Y7ÎD alD1 `B `C7E5

`B 5~V yR `C1E6 j$5 `C6 1Y65$j´#5-

`C6nE t#aGj^ t#1R+ hÍ~V1Ej´$

7~MaGt `Mj&2^ `CaYj$ a.D7R-

alU5# 5~V6 ~MyE qU81E jlYaY9R6

7Ya;Dj#8 `C7E5$j 1U6t#nR2$--
Nu qualin roccorya cait' i aran
i né ve atar len ar tornelyan;
arwa macilo matsë yétalyë
rúcim' ulundo acolë caurë;
cuina nér úva pusta Loicoher
Roccalas aranel turmawendë.
Under his dead horse lies the king
who was like a father to you and to your brother;
having a sword in your hands you are looking at
a terrible monster carrying fear;
a living man will not stop the Lord of corpses,
Éowyn princess shieldmaiden.

7Ya;Dj#8= `Mt%j´$ 5~V6= 5~Cj´$ 5~B8-

5~C7Y qYm= ~Mt$`C= t^65 `C6 `Cj1E=

1U7R `N6 a.D7R `C6 8.D7Y5 `N6 iY-

`N61E5$j´$ t#aGj 1~C7T`V5:#=

7T`V7ÎD j#4#5$= `Cj#4%~V7Y=

7Ya;Dj#8 `C7E5$j 1U6t#nR2$--
Roccalas, umilyë nér, nályë nís;
náro pold', úmëa, morn' ar alta,
turë or caurë ar Sauron or so;
ortanelyë macil tárienna,
rierya lantanë, alantiéro,
Roccalas aranel turmawendë.
Éowyn, you are not a man, you are a woman;
he is strong, evil, dark and large,
rules over fear and Sauron over him;
you lifted a sword high,
his crown fell, he is fallen,
Éowyn princess shieldmaiden.

t$65$j´$ eG7R `C6 9C7ÎD `CjaD6-

t#d1E5$j´$ 9R7U ~MjlD7T`N5=

`C6 5~C7Y zDj%5 5#5 8~B alD1Ej´$

`C6 `C7E5$j´#= j~C aF5%j´~V7Y-

`Mt%j´$ ½j#7R 1Rm$ zF1;E7ÎD6=

7Ya;Dj#8 `C7E5$j 1U6t#nR2$--
Mernelyë firë ar harya alcar;
mahtanelyë Heru Úlairion,
ar náro qualin nan sí caitalyë
ar' aranelya, lá cenilyéro;
umilyë hlarë teldë quettaryar,
Roccalas aranel turmawendë.
You wanted to die and have glory;
you fought the Lord of the Úlairi,
and he is dead but now you lie
beside your king, you do not see him;
you do not hear his last words,
Éowyn princess shieldmaiden.

5~Cj´$ jlDn `C6 5Ì~V7R`C alUj$5$5-

j%5Ì$5nE 5~B8 zF1 `V5nT5# 5~Nj$-

`B t~C1 `B `C7E5nE `V5yT5Ì#1E6--

7Ya;Dj#8= aYj°$4$ j$5 `V6 alUj$=

5#5 j~C `Cj#,F `C6 `V`C~B7R=

7Ya;Dj#8 `C7E5$j 1U6t#nR2$--
Nályë laiw' ar nyérëa cuilenen;
linyenwa nís quet' enwina nólë:
i mát i aranwa envinyatar.
Roccalas, collentë len er cuilë,
nan lá alassë ar ëa-írë,
Roccalas aranel turmawendë.
You are sick and sorrowful by life;
an old woman speaks old wisdom:
the hands of the king heal.
Éowyn, they bore for you only life,
but not joy and desire to exist,
Éowyn princess shieldmaiden.

`B t$jt$ `C7E2&6nE 9B65$j´$-

yE4#5~V7Y `C6 zF4~V7Y hÍY j$

`Bw `Cm#6 `C6 j~N1T t#7R7ÎD,F-

`C6 zF4~V7Y j$5:# t$j%7Y j$-

8~B 5~Cj´$ `V5yT5Ì#4# t$jt$5$5

7Ya;Dj#8 `C7E5$j 1U6t#nR2$--
I melmë arandurwa hirnelyë;
vantanéro ar quentéro yo le
imb' aldar ar lóti mareryassë;
ar quentéro lenna meliro le;
sí nályë envinyanta melmenen
Roccalas aranel turmawendë.
The love of a minister you found;
he walked and talked together with you
between trees and flowers in his home;
he said to you that he loves you;
now you are healed by love
Éowyn princess shieldmaiden.
ú =-= ðñ

8~B `CyEj´$ 1U7R yR `B 1~C7T-

5.DyEj´$ `V5yT5Ì#1E7R yR iY=

j~C 1U6t#nR2$ `C6 j~C `C7E5$j=

t$j&yEj´$ `BjzD alU5 `C6 yE5Ì#-

yR t$j&y~C7Yj= t$j&yEj´$ iY=

7Ya;Dj#8 `B2%8 `V5yT5Ì#1E7R -Â
Sí avalyë turë ve i tári;
nauvalyë envinyatarë ve so,
lá turmawendë ar lá aranel,
meluvalyë ilqua cuin' ar vanya;
ve meluvárol, meluvalyë so,
Roccalas indis envinyatarë.
Now you will not rule as [or, like] the queen;
you will be a healer like him;
not a shieldmaiden and not a princess,
you will love everything alive and fair;
as he will love you, you will love him
Éowyn bride healer.